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Work Packages of the HyBlade Project

Work Packages

Work packages overview and timeline contribution

WP 1 -

Protocols of the monitoring meetings.

WP 2 –

Systematisation of preferred blade geometries and blade manufacturing restrictions.

WP 3 –

Report on validated blade geometry and dimensions, as well as loads and material restrictions. CAD-Data of blade geometry. Simulation report on structural behaviour of metal blades under static and dynamic load conditions.

WP 4 –

Report on optimal arrangements of wind turbines and tuning possibilities by smart metal blades for increased power output.

WP 5 –

Report on optimal production technologies for manufacturing metal blades. Simulation report on component feasibility. CAD-Data for tooling and process equipment for manufacturing of blade prototypes.

WP 6 –

Prototypes of tooling and process equipment for metal blade manufacturing, Prototypes of metal blades mounted on VAWT + blueprint.

WP 7 –

Report on benchmark results and measurement strategy for objective comparison, detailed report on power output of a VAWT with metal hydroformed blades.

WP 8 –

Systematisation of the blade manufacturing costs and the impact of dimensions and turbine arrangements on the cost.

WP 9 –

Status report after second milestone and the final report after finishing.