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HaPTec: Further qualification of machine hammer peening technology for industrial use

Machine hammer peening (MHP) is a mechanical treatment for the manipulation of work piece surfaces with respect to topography, hardness and near-surface residual stresses.

Despite extensive options for attractive improvements of surface properties, reservations about the integration of this technology into existing process chains in industry still exist. Main obstacles are the geometric and material limitations as well as widely unknown interactions between the hammering system and the machine tools. Therefore, at the moment, MHP is successfully used only in few tool shops and for the post-processing of welding seams.

In order to make use of the beneficial process properties of MHP in a wider range, the present research project deals with the extension of existing limits towards a broader industrial application in the tool making industry.

This goal includes

  • the establishment of application criteria for the use of MHP in an industrial environment,
  • the possibility to predict reliably process results with the help of FE analyses and similarity mechanics,
  • the use of a new kinematic for the hammer peening of hardly accessible geometries such as undercuts or holes,
  • the identification of compatible combinations of workpiece material – hammer head material – hammer head geometry and
  • design rules for overall MHP systems.

The striven project results will establish new business opportunities for the use of MHP and enable a faster and more reliable production of complex sheet forming and cold forging tools.

The involved project partners bring in competencies from the scientific disciplines material science, metal forming and machine tools. It is expected that the combination of these complementary competencies will speed up the overall technological progress of MHP significantly.